The last post

Dear followers…

We've been writing together on aging and eldercare in the family for many years now. Seventeen in fact.

We follow the issues and challanges of the elderly and those who care for them. Today there are myriad resources the world over. Seventeen years ago there were very few. Our books were among the early ones, and especially in Canada.

So we feel information and reflections about eldercare are more than plentiful. All one must do is be careful of the source and the counsel provided.

As we ourselves age, we want to turn our attention in other, new directions. 

So we have decided this is our last post on this site.

Thank you for your engagement and interest, and good luck in your journey of discovery.

Michael & Bart

Guidebook to personal medical alert systems

There is a very helpful guidebook now available about home and personal medical alert systems for the elderly. It was proudced by the National Council for Aging Care.We think you will find it interesting and helpful. Find it here: