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VoiceAmerica – Family Caregivers Unite:  Dr. Michael Gordon discusses Alzheimer's

Dr. Michael Gordon is a medical professor, ethicist and one of Canada’s best-known geriatricians. He highlights his clinical work in advanced Alzheimer’s disease. He explains the medical and social challenges arising from high-risk behaviors and the problems persons with the advanced disease may have in making decisions. He discusses medications for treatment and control of high-risk behaviors, their effectiveness and their alternatives, and says what family caregivers should know. He explains the signs that a person’s problems with decision-making are growing, the medical advice he generally gives, the policies for care when the problems become serious, and the questions that family caregivers should ask. He says what he would like to do and see done to address the problems created by high-risk behaviors and by serious problems with decision-making on the part of persons with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, and shares his message for family caregivers.

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New Book Outlines Family Dynamics in Caregiving and How Geriatricians Can Help 

The Annals of Long Term Care has published a detailed article about Parenting Your Parents. 

Millions of adults who are providing care to an aging parent, relative, or friend are experiencing great physical, emotional, and financial stress. With the push toward patient-centered care, many caregivers have become increasingly involved in medical decision-making for their loved ones. This involvement often yields good care, but when family conflicts arise, medical decision-making can become considerably more complicated for the geriatrician. To help facilitate communication between caregivers and geriatricians, Michael Gordon, MD, MSc, and Bart Mindszenthy, APR, LM, recently published the third edition of Parenting Your Parents: Straight Talk About Aging in the Family.

Below, Gordon offers a sample of what the book offers to both caregivers and geriatricians:

Sexuality, Romance, and the Family

Situation: It is not uncommon for residents of long-term care facilities to become romantically involved with other residents. Caregivers may be concerned about the appropriateness of such relationships, as well as the physical safety and emotional well-being of their parents engaging in romantic relationships.

Geriatrician’s role: In long-term care, we increasingly recognize that residents with and without some cognitive impairment may develop romantic relationships …

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Parenting Your Parents in NY Times, TO Star

Parenting Your Parents was featured April 19-20, 2014 in the Toronto Star and New York Times as a book recommended for later-life planning. 


What you need to know now about elder care

Toronto geriatrician’s book examines challenging situations and offers practical, straightforward advice
An Interview with Dr. Michael Gordon

By Kathleen Byrne,  April 7, 2014

CHN: What is the most difficult aspect of dealing with aging patients and their families?

Dr. Gordon: The big issues are people not planning what they would want to do. These conversations are difficult, but not impossible, and I find that for many older people, (the conversations are) welcome. They want the security of …

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Baby Boomers Confront the Caregiving Challenge February 28, 2012
Hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley


Bart Mindszenthy tells how his family caregiving experience, background, and life’s work activated him in supporting family caregiving. He talks about Baby Boomers as family caregivers, identifies the health conditions for which they most commonly provide care, and the types of care that the family members need. He explains the types of help Baby Boomers need when they are family caregivers, where the help comes from, and what types of help they find difficult to get. He discusses the effects of age on Baby Boomers’ own health, and the challenges these effects generate for them and their family members. He explains why planning is so important. He discusses the future for Baby Boomers as family caregivers given that family caregiving is getting more and more important as the population ages. He states his message for Baby Boomers who are starting out as family caregiver.

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Guest Details: Bart Mindszenthy

Bart Mindszenthy is co-author with Dr. Michael Gordon of the national best-seller ‘Parenting Your Parents: Support Strategies for Meeting the Challenge of Aging in the Family’, 2002 and 2005, Dundurn Press, Toronto. The new, third edition appeared in late fall, 2013, called ‘Parenting Your Parents: Straight Talk about Aging in the Family’ In writing it, he drew on personal experience with his elderly parents and listening to hundreds of people deep into eldercare. Since the publication of the original Parenting Your Parents, he’s addressed numerous audiences and appeared on dozens of radio and television interview and talk shows and national television specials. His recent books are ‘The Family Eldercare Workbook & Planner’ and ‘Aging Parents: 200+ Practical Support Tips from My Care Journey’. He holds a Bachelor of Philosophy degree with a concurrent major in journalism. He’s partner in The Mindszenthy & Roberts Corp., a Toronto firm that specializes in issues and crisis communications management and strategic communications planning.

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Huffington Post: Talk to Your Parents About Eldercare Before It's Too Late 

"If you're a woman, aged 45 to 64, I'm surprised you have the time to read this. You're probably at the peak of your career, perhaps raising kids, possibly managing a home, and working hard to keep your significant relationships afloat. Then suddenly, boom, your parents or your partner's parents fall, get sick, or reveal themselves to be in obvious decline.

So what do you do?

"If you wait for that first fall or stroke, you will end up having a panic conversation and that's when you make panic decisions," says Bart Mindszenthy who, with Dr. Michael Gordon, wrote Parenting Your Parents: Straight Talk About Aging in the Family. "

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VoiceAmerica – Family Caregivers Unite: An Interview with Dr. Michael Gordon

Dr. Michael Gordon, a prominent geriatrician and co-author of Parenting Your Parents, discusses the effects of and most helpful of the medical treatments for medical conditions that are especially challenging for aging persons; identifies the challenges faced by family members on both sides of the 'parenting your parents'situation and explains why these are so difficult to manage. Dr. Gordon also explains the types of support needed by aging parents and their family caregivers.

Hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley.  

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