Summer safety for our elder parents and even us!

Most of us look forward to summer. Those who can often take vacation during this season, and many families use it for opportunities to visit their loved ones especially if they are far away from where we live year round.

For those who can, summer is often a time of recreational outdoor activities which may include long walks, swimming, going to beaches and such activities as cycling. Of interest is the fact that with the expansion of the older population many what have been referred to as seniors or elders are now actively involved in physical activities including those outdoors.

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Summer cautions for elderly parents

It’s finally summer, and here are a few summer cautions for elderly parents.

Make sure when you take an aging parent or other loved one out for a walk, a ride, a picnic, or any outing that you make sure they’re prepared.

Three tips:

1. Hydrate them often. They won’t feel like they need it, but they do. Sips and gulps of water often is important for all, but critical for them.

2. Sunscreen them. Make sure that you apply sunscreen to their faces, necks and arms and all exposed skin before going out and at least hourly while out. Plus make sure the level of screening is high enough to protect them.

3. Rest them. Don’t do too much or go too far. Respect their eagerness but also their age and vulnerability. Don’t tax their tolerance.

Remember, chances are you’re now the adult in charge so make sure you’re protecting those aging loved ones like you would your own little kids or yourself.